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Little fashionistas in the classroom: The latest Back-to-School trends

Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end, and that means back to school is just around the corner! For some, this is a special day that they have been looking forward to for weeks. The anticipation of meeting your friends again, exciting lessons and new teachers. But for others, the start of school means that the summer holidays are officially over. To make starting school as easy as possible for your children this year, like every year, they need a cool new school outfit! Little fashionistas are looking forward to getting their backpacks and school supplies ready and trying on their fall clothes. In this blog article you can find some of the best school trends. Follow the adventures of two siblings as they prepare for their first day of school.

Riding the bus to school

First impressions count, and that also applies to the first day of school. The siblings look amazing in their outfits - a perfect mix of comfort and style. The boy is wearing trendy jeans with a cool dinosaur print T-shirt from the brand s.Oliver, while his sister is shining in a pretty pink dress and a striped sweater, also from s.Oliver. It is no secret that school mornings can sometimes be very hectic, so the outfits not only need to look cool but they also have to be practical. Because of their excitement, the two of them almost left the house without their backpacks this morning. But luckily mom thought of it! The first day of school can start!

Break together

The siblings always have their stylish new backpacks from Lässig at hand so they can enjoy their snacks during breaketime. You can also find the cute, colourful and original designs on the drinking bottle from Lässig as well as on the matching lunch box. Today the two can look forward to sandwiches and fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, the homemade school cones shouldn't be missing on the first day of school. Filled with gifts and surprises to have a sweet start to the school year. She also got to wear her new Save The Duck jacket today!

After school is before fun

After a long day of learning at school, it's time to relax and have some fun. The siblings changed into more casual clothes and are ready to play. Comfortable jogging pants and cozy sweaters are the perfect choice for enjoying the afternoon. For a more girly look, the sister gets a pink sweater with a little heart detail and blue joggings from s.Oliver! The brother, on the other hand, looks really cool in his gray and green outfit and is ready to have adventures on the soccer field!






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